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Faith House Surgery
723 Beverley Road
East Yorkshire 
Telephone: 01482 853296 
Fax: 01482 855235
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Cryosurgery: Tuesday 14.30 to 15.30
Dr Sudhakaran
treats warts, skin tags and some other skin problems by freezing with liquid nitrogen. All appointments are for 5 minutes and must be pre-booked

Ante-natal and Post-natal Checks

Preferred days and appointments vary for each doctor - please check with reception, when booking.

We are happy to fit ante-natal (10 minute) and post-natal (20 minute) appointments into any of the pre-bookable surgeries, if that is more convenient for our patients. None of the doctors provide home confinements.

All the doctors prescribe the pill and the nurses provide regular checks and advice - when booking for a nurse pill check please tell us so we can have the prescription printed ready for you to pick up when you do see the nurse.

For Emergency Hormonal Contraception ("EHC" or "the morning after pill"),please see any of the doctors within 72 hours. EHC is also available from a number of Pharmacies - free - and from Family Planning Clinics.

Termination of pregnancy
In the event of an unplanned pregnancy, all the doctors offer counselling about the options available to you.

If your option is for a termination of pregnancy, we will arrange for you to attend a Family Planning Clinic for further referral.

Child health and babies

Dr Moult carries out development checks (sometimes medical students from Hull &York Medical School may be present with your consent) and our practice nurses, also give childhood injections - all by appointment.

Health visitors and School Nurses

Health Visitors carry out health checks on under-fives and offer child health advice to parents. They are based at the Orchard Centre, telephone: 01482 477752, Monday to Thursday. The best times to call are usually between 8.30-10.30 am or 4.00-5.00.

Appointments may be at other GP Surgeries or Primary Care premises. We also have access to Primary Care Mental Health Workers who are "Listeners" and can help you work through some problems and issues that may be troubling you; again referral is through the doctor. Again these appointments may be at other locations. For more information on emotional health issues click here.

District nurses

Our attached District Nurses will visit you at home if the doctors or hospital have arranged this. You can contact them at the Bransholme Health Centre - telephone 01482 336046 between 8.30am and 4.30pm.

We are assisted by pharmacists and others in the Medicines management Team for Hull. They often carry out medication reviews with patients so you may get a phone call from them after they have spoken to a doctor. They also carries our audits of our prescribing and help us maintain best practice prescribing standards.
When the surgery is closed dial 111 for GP Out of Hours Services
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