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The National Travel Health Network and Centre, NaTHNaC, was created to promote clinical standards in travel medicine with the broad aim of Protecting the Health of British Travellers.

They do this by improving the quality of travel health advice available to GP practices and other healthcare providers.

NaTHNaC was created by the Department of Health in 2002. They are now commissioned by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) and hosted by University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

They work in partnership with their network founders:
Travel Vaccines
If you are travelling to Africa, Asia, Middle-East or South America, you will need advice about travel vaccinations and anti-malarial tablets. Please book an appointment with one of the practice nurses at least two months before you travel and bring with you details of where you are travelling to. Many vaccinations are available free on the NHS but some are not, see information below.

When you come to pick up the prescription from Faith House you will be charged the cost of providing the prescription and the cost of administering each vaccine. These charges are normally non-returnable. You will also be charged for the cost of the vaccine itself when you take the prescription to the chemist.

Approximate costs are listed below - check before you ask for the prescription at the chemist:

    Hepatitis B (course of 3) 100
    Meningitis ACWY (one): 10 PLUS estimated chemist cost 27
    Rabies (course of 3): 212
    Japanese Encephalitis (course of 2): 81.25 each (2 doses)
    Tick-borne Encephalitis (course of 3): 200 (3 doses)

Anti-malarial Tablets
15 private prescription charge

Estimated chemist costs:
Doxycycline - 14 days - 5
Malarone - 24 tablets - 77
Mefloquine - 8 tablets - 19
Paludrine/Avlocor travel pack available from chemist, no prescription needed, approx cost 14 days' supply 15

Other Information
Vaccines available free on the NHS:
Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Tetanus, Polio vaccines and travel advice are all available free of charge here at the surgery.

Yellow Fever
Yellow Fever vaccines are only given at designated centres, which do not include Faith House. The nearest centres to us are Dr. Nayar, Newland Health Centre (Tel: 492219) or Dr. Lovett, Sydenham House Group Practice (Tel: 335533). The approximate cost for a yellow fever vaccination is 65 payable to the surgery that provides it.
                      Advice for the Travelling Public
Fit For Travel is designed for
the travelling public and advice is consistent with TRAVAX.

The public may wish to look at this website, for example, prior to appointments with their doctor or practice nurse or for information while abroad should their itinerary change.
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